Looking Back, Moving Forward

In 2020, Write as Rain Communications celebrates 15 years in business. These are my thoughts.

15 years. Seriously, 15 years!

It’s sometimes difficult to believe I’ve been in business as Write as Rain Communications for 15 years in February 2020. This wasn’t a path I thought I’d follow. Trading in a steady paycheck and benefits—health insurance, paid vacation, sick leave—for self-employment just wasn’t a risk I thought I’d ever take. I just wasn’t that brave.

But things change.

About 20 years ago, on a vacation with extended family, I suddenly realized I was the ONLY one who had to schedule vacation time at work. (On the flip side, I was the only one getting paid while on vacation.)

Then I took a nonfiction writing certificate program and chose a website URL—writeasrain.com— so I could do some writing as a side gig. My plans included keeping that steady paycheck and benefits package.

But things change.

The not-for-profit local company I worked for was purchased by a national company. Even without a layoff, I wouldn’t have stayed, but the severance package could have kept me going for six months, plus my husband earned what we needed and provided health insurance. I planned on a couple months off, and then beginning a job hunt.

But things change.

The week after my last day, an acquaintance said his company needed additional PR help. That was February 2005. I agreed to some short-term freelance work and applied for a business license. Write as Rain Communications was born. My plan still included starting a job hunt in a month or so.

But things change.

I applied for a PR position and had a phone interview. Halfway through, I knew that not only wasn’t this a job I wanted, but that I also didn’t want to keeping doing the same thing for a different company.

I had changed.

There were ups and downs as I refined my services, my messages, and my confidence level. I met people. I got referrals. I learned about business taxes. I realized I could use my experience to do the things I like. The biggest aha-moment came when I realized I could also NOT do the things I didn’t like. Goodbye PR work and media relations, and hello “I’m a writer.”

And still things change.

In 2008, I added a school district to my roster of clients. I gradually added more school district work, building up a solid understanding of public education communication strategy, especially around bond and levy elections.

My latest change.

This year, I’m refocusing my attentions. Write as Rain will now focus on supporting K-12 school districts, especially those putting a funding measure on their local ballot. From the outside, it doesn’t seem like a huge change since my clients in the past few years have all been school districts. It does feel like a change to me. My brain clicked and said, “of course this is what you should be doing.”

Words are my passion.

Education is how we create a better world.

And now, as I celebrate 15 years, my work will combine the two to make a difference.