It’s been an astounding two years since I first posted in February 2020. That post celebrated 15 years of Write as Rain and a move to focus on school district clients. I had plans!

And then we moved into the “because COVID-19” world.

Schools shut down. Superintendents and communications teams had more things to do than ever before, and they had to learn how to do it while ramping up family communications, online learning, and working remotely. It was NOT the time for a vendor to reach out looking for business.

So now I’ve been a business owner for 17 years. The past two years both flew and dragged. Is it time to connect with more school districts? I’m not sure.

Mask mandates are ending in many circumstances. I ventured out to see a musical at The 5th Avenue Theatre. Gradually, many work-from-home district employees are moving back into their offices. By the end of the school year, maybe we’ll be seeing what the new normal looks like, and then I can start thinking about revisiting my outreach plans.

For now, I’ll keep growing by referrals and hold off on any big push.

(Wanders off muttering about 17 years…)

a row masks is displayed. 5 are colorful cloth masks with flowers, with the word "vote" repeatedly, a repeating ghost pattern, the word "ho" repeated, the word love repeated in different fonts - the sixth mask is a black KN95 mask
Just a few of the masks I’ve accumulated over the past two years