Write as Rain Communications is a small public relations consultancy that focuses on one thing — serving public school districts Western Washington.

Founder Tina Riss Christiansen believes education provides the key to every child’s future and is proud to work with those making that future happen.

Who’s holding the umbrella?

Fueled by large amounts of coffee and driven by the need to make communication clear, I founded Write as Rain to turn my life-long love of words into a career. I’ve long been known as voracious reader, and a lover of puns and wordplay. I wrote my first story in first grade about a family of frogs, partnered with a friend to launch a community newsletter at age 11, and have been quoted in the National Enquirer and the London Observer.

Before launching Write as Rain in 2005, I spent more than 15 years honing my skills in communications roles for a not-for-profit and for-profit companies. Past employers include Northwest Education Loan Association, Student Loan Finance Association, Text 100 (a public relations firm), and the Seattle Housing Authority. These jobs contributed to my communication skills, but they’re old news now. You can read more about them on my LinkedIn page.

After graduating from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in communications, I went back twice for 9-month certificate programs in nonfiction writing and integrated marketing communications.

Why hire me?

This is what I do, and I’m good at it. I’ve been working as Write as Rain since 2005.

  • It’s not a side gig. I’m not looking for a job or writing a novel.
  • Every client works directly with me. I don’t hand work off to more junior employees.
  • I’m a quick study and focus on what works for your project, not my ego.
  • You get a senior level communicator without the overhead of a larger firm or hiring a staff member.