Tina Christiansen
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Fall 2021 - Retro-commissioning agents are funded through capital levies. With a levy coming up, plus a lot of attention on ventilation systems, Seattle Public Schools needed a story on what the retro-commissioning agents do.
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The Whew, and then the WOW! The Whew Tuesday, Feb. 8, 8:15 p.m. — first vote count showed Seattle Public Schools two levy measures passing with more than 70% approval. I was relieved and thrilled because we just didn’t know how voters would respond after 2 years of pandemic protocols including remote school, masking, and...
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It’s been an astounding two years since I first posted in February 2020. That post celebrated 15 years of Write as Rain and a move to focus on school district clients. I had plans! And then we moved into the “because COVID-19” world. Schools shut down. Superintendents and communications teams had more things to do...
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