Tina Christiansen
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Major construction projects generate a lot of interest. The smaller construction projects also have a big impacts on a school community. At Franklin High School, the door and window replacements were not only visible, they also created a more comfortable and safe environment for learning.
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If you’re ready to work for yourself, whether as a freelancer, contractor or small business owner, you have likely learned about branding and marketing, building a customer “funnel,” and considered how you will do your bookkeeping. But here some things I wish someone had told me when I started. 1. Define your work space. Many...
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In 2020, Write as Rain Communications celebrates 15 years in business. These are my thoughts. 15 years. Seriously, 15 years! It’s sometimes difficult to believe I’ve been in business as Write as Rain Communications for 15 years in February 2020. This wasn’t a path I thought I’d follow. Trading in a steady paycheck and benefits—health...
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